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United States Department of Transportation United States Department of Transportation

BNSF Hotline Process

Document Series
John Grundmann
Subject Risk Reduction Program
Workshop: Improving Railroad Safety through Understanding Close Calls
John Grundmann Presentation



 Slide 1
BNSF Hotline Process

John Grundmann AVP Safety
April 23, 2003


 Slide 2
BNSF Safety Hotline

Near Miss Information to
Create a Safety Working


  Slide 3
System Safety Hotline

* Designed to capture safety categories:
   - Policy	- Environmental Conditions
   - Contractors	- Quality of Life
   - Safety Boots

* Not intended solely as a capture mechanism for &##39;&##39;near misses&##39;&##39;
* Safety Hotline captures 1 &##39;&##39;near miss&##39;&##39; every 2 - 3 months


  Slide 4
800# Safety Hotline Protocol

*  Employee calls hotline
*  Call is answered by 3rd party network
*  All safety related calls to system safety
*  System safety places calls into 5 categories
*  Distributes calls to responsible party - field/HQ
*  Correct issue - send written confirmation with
     remedy to system safety
*  Report sent to senior management
*  Quarterly random sampling to ensure corrections
     made as described in confirmation


  Slide 5
Near Miss Hotline Call

*  Example:
     - After loading crew van w/luggage and
       people van made reverse movement to
       turn around and nearing backed over

*  Solution:
     - Structure employee pick-up area so
       vans do not have to make a reverse
       movement when loaded.  Van pulls
       forward to begin trip.


  Slide 6
Next Steps

* Request &##39;&##39;near miss&##39;&##39; events called into hotline
* Capture as sixth category or place in a separate data base
* Problem solve near misses for &##39;&##39;best practice&##39;&##39; solutions
* Distribute to all affected sites/employees

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Last updated: Wednesday, April 23, 2003